Residencies & Workshops

Hesperus WorkshopIn tandem with a performance of the film with live music, HESPERUS offers informances, workshops and residencies for school and community groups. Programs can be targeted to school audiences from pre-school through college, used for teacher training, and presented to community groups of all ages. We have appeared in schools, libraries, museums, jails, churches and shopping malls, anywhere with a quiet room and a curious audience.


  • A 50-minute INFORMANCE (all ages), “Zorro Unmasked,” with instrument demo; background about Zorro, Fairbanks and HESPERUS; and an optional showing of a scene from the film, either from the DVD or with live accompaniment (the scene requires a DVD player or computer, projector and screen). Good for school assemblies, and mixed-age audiences up to 300.
  • A 50-minute WORKSHOP (8-adult), “If you can’t improvise, then just fake it,” that uses theater games and intriguing exercises to teach four skills needed to improvise, ending in a group-improvised MadLib story. No instruments required. Good for classroom groups, other single-age students groups and adults, up to 40.
  • Four 45-minute sessions or one 3 hour RESIDENCY/WORKSHOP (8-adult) “Create your own film soundtrack,” where participants use supplied and found objects to create and perform a score of guided free improvisation for the 1928 cartoon “Koko’s Earth Control.” No instruments required, though Orff instruments and standard orchestral instruments are welcome. Good for single- and mixed-aged groups, up to 40.
Fees upon request.