The Hunchback of Notre Dame

(Lon Chaney 1923)

Lon Cheney is The Hunchback.

Lon Cheney is The Hunchback.

Quasimodo, the demented hunchback loves the gypsy Esmerelda, who, in turn, loves the noble Prince Phoebus. Victor Hugo’s vast, complicated tale of romance and revolution plays out against the majestic cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

FORMAT: DVD (2 copies provided)
ROYALTY: $0 (public domain)
RUNNING TIME: 100 minutes
MUSIC: 14th and 15th century (medieval) music from France by Guillaume de Machaut, Jehan de L’Escurel, Guillaume Dufay, and others.

PERFORMERS: 4, on more than a dozen medieval instruments

  • Rosa Lamoreaux: soprano, chimes, percussion
  • Tina Chancey: vielle, rebec, kamenj, lyra
  • Grant Herreid: lute, shawm, cornetto, pipe and tabor, tenor voice
  • Priscilla Herreid: recorders, krumhorn, percussion, soprano

PROGRAM MATERIALS: Program includes expanded notes with background information about Victor Hugo, Notre Dame and Lon Chaney.