The Golem

(Paul Wegener 1920)

Paul Wegener's "The Golem: How He Came to Be"

Paul Wegener’s “The Golem”

In 16th-century Prague, a Jewish rabbi creates a giant clay Golem to protect his people from persecution, but the creature rebels and wreaks deadly havoc. One of the best early examples of German Expressionism in film: highly subjective, and symbolic.

FORMAT: DVD (2 copies provided)
ROYALTIES: $0 (public domain)
RUNNING TIME: 85 minutes
MUSIC: Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish songs, dances, singing games and prayers), European renaissance music.

PERFORMERS: Four, on more than a dozen early and traditional instruments

  • Tina Chancey: vielle, rebec, Pontic lyra, kamenj, percussion
  • Emily Eagen: voice, violin
  • Sasha Bogdanowitsch: voice, ney, recorders, dumbek, tar
  • Carlo Valte: oud, guitar, percussion


PROGRAM MATERIALS: Program includes expanded notes with background about the legend of the Golem, Jews in 16th century Europe, making the film and details about the music.