Robin Hood

(Douglas Fairbanks 1922)

Hesperus plays Robin Hood

Douglas Fairbanks is Robin Hood

Whether fact or fiction, Robin Hood, the noble turned outlaw, with his merry men, his lady, Maid Marian, and his lord, King Richard has a permanent home in the hearts of people around the world.

FORMAT: DVD (2 copies provided)
ROYALTY: $250 (paid by HESPERUS)
RUNNING TIME: 120 minutes (one intermission after 55 minutes)
MUSIC: Renaissance music from the Court of Henry VIII of England (1491-1547) with additional medieval music from Italy and France.

PERFORMERS: 4, on more than a dozen medieval and renaissance instruments

  • Nell Snaidas/Rosa Lamoreaux: soprano, percussion
  • Tina Chancey: viola da gamba, renaissance violin, vielle, recorders
  • Grant Herreid: lute, shawm, cornetto, pipe and tabor, tenor voice
  • Kathryn Montoya: recorders, shawm, dulcian

PROGRAM MATERIALS: Program includes a four page illustrated program insert with background information about Legends and Outlaws, Douglas Fairbanks, Early Film, and Instruments. Separate young audience activity pages are available.


PROMOTIONAL/ EDUCATIONAL DVD: Presenters receive a DVD with 20 minutes of the film + early music soundtrack, plus 4 narrated slide shows on Early Film, Legends and Outlaws, Douglas Fairbanks, and an Instrument demonstration.