Other Film Scores

HESPERUS’ scores connect with the time and place the film was set; they combine early music and improvisation, and we play them on early instruments. In addition to Zorro (paired with Spanish Renaissance & New World Music) HESPERUS performs:

“Never ceases to astonish.”  Dirty Linen

“A perfect and often downright virtuosic performance.” Mittelbayerische Zeitung


The Golem (Paul Wegener 1920)

tumblr_m2pc97K91q1r6awjio1_1280In 16th-century Prague, a Jewish rabbi creates a giant clay Golem to protect his people from persecution, but the creature rebels and wreaks deadly havoc. One of the best early examples of German Expressionism in film: highly subjective, and symbolic.

FORMAT: DVD (2 copies provided)
ROYALTIES: $0 (public domain)
RUNNING TIME: 85 minutes
MUSIC: Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish songs, dances, singing games and prayers), European renaissance music.

PERFORMERS: Four, on more than a dozen early and traditional instruments

  • Tina Chancey: vielle, rebec, Pontic lyra, kamenj, percussion
  • Emily Eagen: voice, violin
  • Sasha Bogdanowitsch: voice, ney, recorders, dumbek, tar
  • Carlo Valte: oud, guitar, percussion


PROGRAM MATERIALS: Program includes expanded notes with background about the legend of the Golem, Jews in 16th century Europe, making the film and details about the music.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame  (Lon Chaney 1923)

HunchbackQuasimodo, the demented hunchback loves the gypsy Esmerelda, who, in turn, loves the noble Prince Phoebus. Victor Hugo’s vast, complicated tale of romance and revolution plays out against the majestic cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

FORMAT: DVD (2 copies provided)
ROYALTY: $0 (public domain)
RUNNING TIME: 100 minutes
MUSIC:14th and 15th century (medieval) music from France by Guillaume de Machaut, Jehan de L’Escurel, Guillaume Dufay, and others.


PERFORMERS: 4, on a more than a dozen medieval instruments

  • Rosa Lamoreaux: soprano, chimes, percussion
  • Tina Chancey: vielle, rebec, kamenj, lyra
  • Grant Herreid: lute, shawm, cornetto, pipe and tabor, tenor voice
  • Priscilla Herreid: recorders, krumhorn, percussion, soprano

PROGRAM MATERIALS: Program includes expanded notes with background information about Victor Hugo, Notre Dame and Lon Chaney.

Robin Hood  (Douglas Fairbanks 1922)

Hesperus plays Robin Hood

Douglas Fairbanks is Robin Hood

Whether fact or fiction, Robin Hood, the noble turned outlaw, with his merry men, his lady, Maid Marian, and his lord, King Richard has a permanent home in the hearts of people around the world.

FORMAT: DVD (2 copies provided)
ROYALTY: $250 (paid by HESPERUS)
RUNNING TIME: 120 minutes (one intermission after 55 minutes)
MUSIC: Renaissance music from the Court of Henry VIII of England (1491-1547) with additional medieval music from Italy and France.

PERFORMERS: 4, on more than a dozen medieval and renaissance instruments

  • Nell Snaidas: soprano, percussion
  • Tina Chancey: viola da gamba, renaissance violin, vielle, recorders
  • Grant Herreid: lute, shawm, cornetto, pipe and tabor, tenor voice
  • Priscilla Herreid: recorders, shawm

PROGRAM MATERIALS: Program includes a four page illustrated program insert with background information about Legends and Outlaws, Douglas Fairbanks, Early Film, and Instruments. Separate young audience activity pages are available.


PROMOTIONAL/ EDUCATIONAL DVD: Presenters receive a DVD with 20 minutes of the film + early music soundtrack, plus 4 narrated slide shows on Early Film, Legends and Outlaws, Douglas Fairbanks, and an Instrument demonstration.

The Three Musketeers (Douglas Fairbanks 1921)

the-three-musketeers-movie-poster-1921-1020143143Impoverished nobleman D’Artagnan leaves his father in Gascony and comes to Paris to fulfill his dream to become one of the King’s Musketeers, just in time to save the Queen from the machinations  of devious Cardinal Richelieu and the despicable Milady de Winter.

FORMAT: DVD (2 copies provided)
: $250 (paid by HESPERUS)
RUNNING TIME: 118 minutes (with intermission)
MUSIC: Chansons and dances from the French renaissance theater, 1500-1650, including dances by Gervaise and Attaignant, songs by Sermisy and Compère. Also, French traditional ballads from 17th century prints.

PERFORMERS: 4 on viols, early fiddle, recorders, lute and voice

  • Julie Bosworth: voice, percussion
  • Tina Chancey: fiddle, viols, recorders
  • Brian Kay: lute, voice
  • Niccolo Seligmann: viol

PROGRAM MATERIALS:  Four pages of information about Alexandre Dumas, Douglas Fairbanks, life in 17th century Paris and French traditional song.



Venue will provide–

  1. Movie screen, DVD player & projector, with a 15” TV monitor hooked up to the DVD player so the musicians may watch the film as it’s being shown
  2. 1 6 or 8-foot table
  3. 4 armless, straight-back chairs (X)
  4. 4 Manhasset (black orchestra) stands with stand lights
  5. Spotlights on the 4 musicians at 20% brightness so they can be seen by the audience.

NOTE—HESPERUS prefers to sit on the stage under or next to the screen. The performance is designed to be a partnership.

Hesperus Stage Layout