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Since Johnston McCulley first published his 1919 serial The Curse of Capistrano there have been many memorable Zorros, but none can match the role’s creator, Douglas Fairbanks. Already a fine comedian by 1920, he proved to be a born action hero; a natural acrobat and stuntman who brought the Don Diego/Zorro character vividly to life. HESPERUS accompanies his swashbuckling debut with a lively and unconventional score of early Spanish and Native American Colonial music sung in Spanish, Quechua and Chilidugu and played on baroque guitar, vihuela, viola da gamba, early fiddle, recorder, shawm, dulcian and krumhorn.

The Mark of Zorro (1920). 107 minutes. 4:3 aspect ratio. Directed by Fred Niblo. Film materials courtesy of Film Preservation Associates. This edition produced by Tina Chancey. New elements © 2012, Hesperus,

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